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1 life 1 future is a New Orleans based non-profit organization on a mission to
equip youth and young adults with the necessary tools to successfully complete high school and
empower them on a better path beyond high school – whether that includes college, trade school, or
entrepreneurship. Through community events, mentorship, and educational programs, our goal is to be
a positive and active presence in the lives of youth throughout the New Orleans area.

We believe that children can overcome their circumstances.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help youth and young adults face the realities of the world
in which we live. Our goals as mentors and leaders in our communities is to encourage our youth to
stay focused, challenge them to take chances, and assist them with achieving the necessary tools in life
to succeed. We understand some kids may not be afforded some privileges or opportunities due to
tough and unfortunate hardships; we will continue to challenge and push our youth to a higher level of
understanding by providing them the proper tools, information and opportunity they need to make
smart and calculated decisions regarding their future. Our plan is connect them with experts and
professionals in any field they may show interests in and teach them the basic concepts of socializing,
networking, financing and how to set goals as they mature throughout our program.

Children Using Tablets
boy staring into space

Our Vision

To build a better future for youth and young adults throughout the city of New Orleans.

We Need Your Support Today!

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