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We Need Volunteers!

Our team needs your support. Volunteer your time to help make our event a huge success. From gift wrapping to parade guide, your efforts is needed. 


December 15th

"Cocktails & Candy Cane"

Sponsorship appreciation mixer for all sponsors and volunteers

December 17th

"Santa’s Workshop"

A gift wrapping event with

volunteers to wrap gifts for event

December 20th

"A Claus for Celebration"

Christmas Parade for

Estates & Florida housing

December 21st

Gift drop off with Sponsors at

Fischer Housing

Down with "The Claus"?

Give a monetary gift or toys!

Your business or company will be featured during our celebration mixer, "Cocktails & Candy Cane", and Christmas Parade.

Lead a cheerful hand and donate your time to our gift giveaway. 

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

If you are interested in supporting "A Claus for Celebration" by becoming a sponsor, please contact John L. Green via email at

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